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The Natural Health Starter Kit is a great gift for oneself or others, as it brings a beautiful sampling of the Plant World into your home and gets you feeling empowered to incorporate more natural health into your life. If you like hot drinks, happy bodies, and a warm heart these products bring just that love to your life. 

Bundle and save!  This kit starts you out with Jenny's classic Happy Family Herbal Tea and Stainless Steele Celestial Tea Strainer,  Peaceful Breath Essential Oil, 1 oz jar of Original Natural Offering Wise Woman Herbal Salve and a travel tin of Lavender Natural Offering Wise Woman Herbal Salve. 

Natural Health Starter Kit

  • Natural Health Starter Kit contains: 

    2 oz. Happy Family herbal tea

    1 Celestial Tea Strainer

    1 5ml bottle of Peaceful Breath essential oil

    1 oz.  jar of Natural Offering's Original Wise Woman Salve and

    1/4 oz. tin of Natural Offering's Lavender Wise Woman Salve

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