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Jenny Dietzel, N.H.D

Natural Health Educator, Herbalist, and Author 

Jenny Dietzel, N.H.D. was born in Fayetteville, AR and is a Natural Health Educator, Osage Minister, Herbalist, Musician and Author. She is passionate about teaching and sharing the herbal traditions of our past and present and loves formulating herbal blends. She has taught at many local farms, stores, and private businesses and homes as well as local music festivals for over 16 years.  She encourages a path of self-empowerment that allows a person to find what naturally works best for them to support a healthy body, mind and spirit.



Why Natural Health and Natural Products?

It can help with...


Learn healthy preventive measures for gut health and soothing remedies for relief.


Learn how to gain some energy back in your daily routine.  


Detox safely and naturally with healthy methods and techniques to keep your strength and energy.

Women's Health

No matter your age, there are always steps to take, as a woman, to get through every phase of life. Balancing mind, body and spirit can always be challenging, but managing your health will help make it easier. Consultations are avalable.

Weight Loss

Learn tips and tricks to better eating habits.  Step by step support to help you reach your goals.


De-stress with learning ways to manage your stress using  breathing and herbal teas and tonics.

Education and Services



Natural Offering Products

Each one of our products is made with top quality herbs and naturally offered ingredients

Natural Offering aims to make the highest quality products. We use some naturally foraged herbs from the bountiful Northwest Arkansas area and use other naturally grown herbs and foods from small, local, sustainable farms whenever possible to bring you products that work to improve mind, body and soul for happy, healthy humans. 

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